Commenced operations on 14th February 2008:

For-She Travels & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (FTL) has set up a Training Academy each at Mumbai and Delhi with the primary objective of imparting skill development training to aspiring women who want to become commercial chauffeurs. The Training Academy also trains the women in self-defence, etiquette and emergency response.

On successful completion of the training, the women are gainfully employed with FTL’s strategic partner company, viz., ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Ltd. (OAIS), in its Ladies’ Taxi Service. Besides, FTL also offers consultancy, defensive driving and security training.

The Training program of FTL covers the following:
  • Driving Training to learners
  • Defensive Driving training for personal and Corporate Chauffeurs
  • Etiquettes training and grooming of commercial chauffeurs
  • Fleet Safety Management System Audit for corporate
  • Training for women Security Guards
Driving Training for learners is a 8-week module aimed at producing a skilled and confident driver.
Highlights of the course content are:
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of Driving
  • Martial Arts training for self-defence
  • Spoken/Conversational English
  • Etiquettes/Grooming
  • Health Awareness
  • First Aid
  • Minor repairs of vehicle in emergency
  • Rules & Regulations of Motor Driving
  • Driving under various conditions & terrains
  Consultancy Programmes for Defensive Driving:
  Assessment of grooming and etiquettes, knowledge of safe driving under various weather conditions and various geographical terrains, awareness of safety, emergency response, knowledge of traffic rules & regulations, Eco Drive, etc.

Skill test will involve assessment of driving skills, control and maneuverability, besides capability to carry out small repairs in emergency.
  Based on assessment of general awareness about etiquettes and driving and findings of skill test, a comprehensive classroom training for one day to fill the skill gaps.

Certificate of competency will be issued to individual participants in defensive driving techniques.

Conducted training programmes for J & J , TCS , IL & FS , OAIS –RAC chauffeurs etc
Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • Should have passed minimum 8th Standard of school with ability to read English
  • Should be medically fit based on health screening process
  • Should be cleared in Police Verification process
  • Should furnish consent from parents/spouse to work as a commercial chauffeur after training
  • Should have a valid Driving licence
  How to Enroll
  Enrol with us with the following documents at the address mentioned below,
  • Age proof
  • Address proof
  • PAN Card
  • 4 photographs
  • Photo ID card or any other proof of Identity
  • School Passing Certificate (Min 8th Standard)
  Download an Admission Form